Mapleton Park, Catalina Green WA

Mapleton Park, nestled within the vibrant community of Catalina Green, reached its completion milestone in August 2023. At the heart of this innovative park created in collaboration with Satterley, TDL and LD Total, lies the Play Planetarium, an accessible and inclusive play dome.

Its 9m x 9m dome-shaped design encompasses eight distinct sections featuring various climbing elements like nets, ladders, and walls. The night sky is accurately replicated within as sunlight filters through star-shaped apertures, casting sparkling stellar formations on the ceiling. Kids can identify constellations and hone navigation skills using the stars. The climbing area above the dome forms a chilled a hang-out space while encouraging physical activity.

This inclusive setup encourages playful learning outdoors, facilitating indoor and outdoor activities while accommodating large and diverse age groups, making it a beacon of accessible and engaging play for the Catalina community.

Location: Corner of Connolly Drive and Neerabup Road, Mindarie