Bareena Park, Canley Vale NSW

Fairfield City Council has recently enhanced the existing open space at Bareena Park, Canley Vale, creating a new inclusive and accessible public area highlighted by our unique Koi Fish play tower.

This stunning tower stands at 7.5 meters, skilfully portraying the Koi Fish mid-leap, inviting park-goers to indulge in imaginative play and dynamic climbing escapades. Its thoughtfully designed fins serve as both artistic features and climbing platforms. The sculpture’s body, composed of intricately perforated panels and steel wire mesh with a range of openings, creates captivating interplays of light and shadow, providing varying degrees of shade and visibility.

Internally, an intricate rope-based obstacle course showcases ladders, nets, and climbing elements of diverse complexities. Users challenge skills at various heights, while rubber seats offer comfort below and by the slide’s entrance. The tower’s charm is amplified by the iconic Koi patterns that grace its surface, a testament to its meticulous craftsmanship.

Developed in partnership with Recreology, our innovative Custom Play Partner, this whimsical Koi Fish encapsulates innovation and creativity, transforming playtime into a realm of enchantment and exploration.

Location: 2 Bareena Street, Canley Vale

Images:  Guy Wilkinson Photography