We offer safe and challenging exercise alternatives for all ages and fitness levels.

Our equipment allows individuals to simply and safely tailor their workout intensity by varying their pace and repetitions so that everyone from beginners to advanced users can work out effectively.

Our dynamic equipment follows the European Standards for Permanently Installed Outdoor Fitness Equipment (EN16630:2015)  and is designed to withstand our harsh Australian environment and reduce maintenance cycles and the need for replacement parts.

Expertly designed, our Fitness range (based on CrossFit style and weight & bodyweight training), and our Street Workout range (based on body control and strength); will provide you with challenges that are rarely seen in the outdoor environment.

Examples include:

  • Outdoor Gym
  • Fitness – Weight and Bodyweight training
  • Fitness – CrossFit/Bodyweight training
  • Street Workout/Calisthenics

Check out some of our range: