We provide engaging and challenging physical activities for the Youth sector.

We offer a vast range of unique and engaging equipment catering for the youth sector. Expertly designed, our ranges were developed so these activities can be enjoyed by a large number of users with various skill and fitness levels, in a controlled environment.

Were you aware our Street Unit and Pump Track products were designed with modularity in mind – great for short term activation of spaces or pop-up parks. You have the flexibility to move these products in different locations or configurations to activate other spaces or create new challenges, meaning the lifecycle of the park will increase and will be a great investment for the client.

Options available include:

  • Relocatable steel skateboarding environments
  • Pump Tracks
  • Fono DJ Booth
  • Sutu interactive Sports Wall
  • Parkour circuits
  • Mini Soccer Arenas
  • Street Workout/Calisthenics equipment
  • Rock climbing/bouldering equipment

Partner Range: