Fairfield Heights Park, Fairfield Heights NSW

In partnership with Fairfield City Council and UmbaCo, Fairfield Heights Park introduces an engaging natural-themed playground. The Fairy’s Treehouse, towering nearly 10 metres high, takes centre stage, featuring four tiers tailored to diverse adventurers. Lower tiers accommodate younger users, while a telescope-equipped balcony on the third tier and a remarkable tube slide on the fourth heighten the experience. The balcony affords panoramic views across the playspace. The unique feel and remarkable aesthetic of this tower truly set it apart from the crowd and beckons to all, “come on, let’s have an adventure.”

Snufkin’s Forest is designed for inclusivity. Its three-tiered climbing tower invites hide-and-seek on the ground, telescopic exploration at the top, and thrilling slides in between, accompanied by engaging games like Snufkin’s Labyrinth and Seek-and-Touch.

Froggy, a solo carousel, promotes balance and joy for even the tiniest riders. Ergonomically designed with a secure handle, it grants youngsters the thrill of spinning and kicking to their heart’s content.

These three attractions made from sustainable and low maintenance timber, all from our partner Lappset, promise endless play and adventure at Fairfield Heights Park.

Location: Camden Street, Fairfield Heights

Images: Guy Wilkinson