With an increasingly ageing population, we are passionate about creating spaces that encourage movement for life.

Our seniors equipment inspires active ageing and physical independence by strengthening the motor skills, balance and manual dexterity of the elderly. Senior exercise parks also enhance emotional wellbeing by creating informal meeting places for social interaction among seniors.

Great for installation within Retirement Villages, Aged Care Facilities or in Hospitals for Rehabilitation, this equipment caters to all skill levels and age ranges. If your location or centre is quite risk adverse look at our seniors individual equipment, rather than our Classic Range of multi-generational activity centres with numerous pieces of equipment and exercises which are attached.

Our Classic Range multi-generational equipment is great for public spaces in parks or shopping centres. These units can be utilised by children as well as a workout for seniors.

Lark Industries were excited to donate a multi-generational unit for a Victoria University study, aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of an exercise intervention using an exercise park specifically designed for older people in reducing the risk of falls and improving strength and balance.

Victoria University then partnered with Villa Maria Catholic Homes’ St Bernadette Aged Care in Sunshine North Victoria.

Click here to watch Active ageing – a novel dynamic exercise initiative for older people

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Options available:

  • Multi-generational equipment allowing grandparents and grandchildren to play and exercise together
  • Senior-specific exercise circuits
  • Senior/rehabilitation individual equipment

Check out some of our range: