Some young people need that extra motivation to encourage them to play and be active in the outdoor environment.

Yalp Interactive products are cleverly designed to encourage social interaction, fun and learning as well as a new way to play.  Designed to all age groups, and social settings – like parks, shopping centres and schools – these heavy duty products are developed to withstand our harsh Australian environment.

Dancing, math quizzes, improving kicking accuracy or learning how to spin tracks like a DJ – there are different pieces of equipment to suit everyone.

With Yalp Interactive, software is updated online so there is never any equipment downtime.

Options Available:

  • Sutu – improve ball skills and coordination with the sport wall
  • Sona – grouped activities and games
  • Fono – mix tracks like a DJ
  • Memo – grouped activities and games
  • Toro – practice training and athletic skills on the interactive sports court

Check out some of our range: