Percussion Play

Percussion Play’s range of outdoor musical instruments is designed for use in an abundance of recreational settings, creating unique and incredible music experiences for those who encounter them.

Music is an autonomous language and Percussion Play’s instruments can be played by everyone, everywhere – regardless of background, age or musical ability.¬†¬†Bringing the fun and ease of playing percussion to the outside world, their funky interactive instruments are sure to delight children and their families.

Purpose-built to stand up to just about anything Mother Nature can muster, Percussion Play’s instruments are exciting, engaging, aesthetically pleasing and deliver superior audio quality.

Percussion Play has something to suit any landscape whether residential, commercial or urban projects. Perfect for all outdoor settings including:

  • Schools and Kindergartens
  • Playgrounds, Parks & Campsites
  • Senior Living and Hospitals
  • Inclusive Communities
  • Residential Estate Developments
  • Civic buildings and facilities

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