Harmony Park @ Octave Junction Village, VIC

Harmony Park @ Octave at Junction Village has been created in collaboration with Jinding and GbLA to bring a connection to nature and provide a tranquil space for the community. The park’s centerpiece is a unique and engaging play tower from our partner Spiel-Bau which has been designed to spark children’s imaginations and encourage physical activity.

This architecturally inspired tower, crafted with cladding, perforated mesh, and contrasting charcoal posts, offers a minimalist yet playful aesthetic. Standing at an impressive 5.5 meters, it provides a challenging and rewarding climbing experience for older children. Additionally, a smaller tower caters to younger users, ensuring inclusivity and fostering a sense of accomplishment for all skill levels.

Beyond the tower, Harmony Park boasts a diverse range of play equipment to suit various ages and interests. A swing frame with varied seats, a carousel, and a rocker cater to younger children, encouraging exploration and social interaction. The park’s thoughtful design fosters a sense of community with the inclusion of sheltered BBQ facilities and a suite of beautiful Street Furniture seating elements; allowing families to connect and residents to build lasting bonds in a beautifully landscaped environment.

Location:  Contata Grove, Junction Village