Sydney Football Stadium Redevelopment, Moore Park NSW

A dedicated outdoor fitness space, designed by Infrastructure NSW and Aspect Studios, is situated within the landscape of the newly developed Sydney Football Stadium.

The equipment chosen is based on a calisthenics-style workout, typically the most universal style that lends itself well to public outdoor installations. This approach also allows for easy incorporation of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).

Each element offers a variety of exercises. For instance, the chin-up bar can also be used for pull-ups, hanging knees to chest, or toes to bar exercises. With the addition of a resistance band, users could perform other upper-body exercises like face pulls, tricep pull-downs, or neck pull-downs. The dip bar can also be used for stretching or standing push-ups.

This comprehensive offering caters to diverse fitness needs, encouraging a healthy lifestyle alongside the sporting spirit of the stadium.

Location: Driver Avenue, Moore Park