Norwood Hill Reserve Parkour Park, Castlemaine VIC

The Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve has recently undergone a significant revitalisation in collaboration with Mount Alexander Shite Council and Pollen Studios, with a focus on providing a wider range of recreation options for the Castlemaine community. One exciting addition is a dedicated parkour training area.

Parkour, a discipline focused on navigating environments through movement, has gained significant popularity in recent years. Studies have shown parkour to be an effective way to develop strength, coordination, and problem-solving skills, all while promoting an active lifestyle.

The parkour equipment installed at Norwood Hill is designed with experts from The European Parkour Associations. The Spot S4, chosen from our partner Lappset’s Dash parkour range, is specifically designed to meet stringent safety standards while still offering a true parkour training experience. This means users can train with confidence, focusing on improving their skills without unnecessary risk of injury. The Spot S4 features a variety of elements such as rails for balance development, boxes for vaulting practice, and a dedicated landing pad for jumps. This comprehensive setup caters to all skill levels, allowing beginners to learn the fundamentals and more experienced practitioners to refine their techniques.

The addition of parkour equipment at Norwood Hill Recreation Reserve demonstrates council’s commitment to creating a well-rounded space that caters to the interests of young people. It’s a valuable resource for those seeking a challenging and rewarding physical activity.

Location:  25 Maclise Street, Castlemaine