Yarra Primary School, Richmond VIC

Yarra Council wanted to design a space for the children at Yarra Primary that was durable and provided traditional climbing, together with a unique design.

The Lappset Cloxx Parkour range was a perfect solution with its galvanised steel construction.

The Parkour range is designed to promote jumping and climbing, however is equally well suited in schools, as it provides a homage to the traditional jungle gyms once found in playgrounds years ago.

Yarra Primary incorporated a 220520 Spider Cage S well suited for climbing and jumping to and from – the 220510 Gibbon Swing S designed for climbing, balancing and hanging – the 220530 TicTac Cube S for balancing, jumping to and from – the Precision Ball for jumping, landing and sitting – and last but not least the Precision Bar for balancing.

Location: 68 Davison Street, Richmond