The Bassendean Hotel, Bassendean WA

Our collaboration with Ark Hospitality Group and See Design Studio has realised the revitalisation of a family friendly courtyard and a new playspace at the iconic Bassendean Hotel.

The play tower has been derived from our Lappset Skyline Tower, a popular catalogue item, which has been modified to include a flat opaque roof to provide a more geometric and modern form, with a muted urban palette of brown, charcoal and galvanised steel mesh.  The design further incorporates low to ground play panels and play opportunities for younger children.  The highly constrained space with minimal fall zone available required the structure to be largely contained and this small footprint, high profile tower is ideal for this tight area.

By improving their offering and introducing a different element of entertainment, with the inclusion of a children’s play area for visiting family groups, the Bassendean Hotel truly has a space for everyone to enjoy.

Location: 25 Old Perth Road, Bassendean