New Bloom Estate, Clyde North VIC

This vibrant and adventurous playspace is a collaboration with Landsite for Five Squared Property Group. The playground is a must-visit destination set within the verdant five-hectare park precinct in the new Bloom Estate, a flourishing Clyde North neighbourhood.

The two impressive towers, from our partner Spiel-Bau, provide ample opportunities to scale the structures in many varied ways, with the larger tower replicating the layout of opencast mining equipment.

The timber climbing and balancing track provides opportunities for children to fully engage in climbing and finding pathways over and through the logs. This develops and maintains their vestibular system – something that children who play in more regimented environments can miss out on.

A double swing set from our partner Lappset ensures little ones won’t miss out on all the fun.

Location: Thompsons Road, Clyde North