Seaside Madora Bay, WA

Our collaboration with PLAN E Landscape Architects and Satterley Property Group, has culminated in the installation of the first Lappset Halo Cubic Tower of its type in Australia at Seaside, Madora Bay WA.

The unit consists of a cube and a cuboid, and it offers challenging but rewarding climbing experiences. Up high, users have a great view of their surroundings. The bird’s nest swing and balancing ball provide great places for observing. The long tube slide offers a fun, yet safe way of coming down.

Also supplied was a double swing frame with a birds nest seat as well as Lappset’s new inclusive seat.

Incorporating a high level of architectural design, the Halo Cubic creates a real entry statement to Seaside given its size and scale and makes an exciting space for the whole family.

Location:  Madora Beach Road, Madora Bay

Images:  PLAN E