Townley Park, Harpley VIC

The latest development at Townley Park, set within Harpley Estate by Lend Lease Communities, takes a very sculptural and organic form. The spectacularly detailed design references a mother and baby whale including a large feature tail.

The two structures are crafted from stainless steel and are a custom concept and construction between Lark Industries and our partner Spiel-Bau. The unit is quite fluid and permeable, incorporating curves and soft lines, and rope over rigid timber decking. Both structures cover a broad age range, with the baby whale suited for younger users.

A double swing frame and talk tube are cleverly integrated into the whalebone structure and mimic the whale’s abstract form.

The project was a collaborative effort between GbLA, Lark Industries, and our partner Spiel-Bau.

Location: Townley Boulevard Reserve, Access off Brentham Crescent, Harpley