Research Primary School, Research VIC

Simon Ellis Landscape Architects approached us to provide a nature play experience for their newly accessible playspace at Research Primary School. The brief was to design soft, neutral and unobtrusive items that blended with the natural leafy surrounds.

Multiple items were chosen from our Lappset Flora nature play range that encourage exercise and refine motor skills : the Giant’s Comb (timber climbing and balancing track), Goblins Track (balancing zig-zag path), Trolls Climbing Track (rope climbing path), Rolling Logs (challenging balance bridge with rotating logs) and Fish Trap (climbing unit with net and two ladders.  The natural hardwood custom-made Teepees finish off this adventuresome landscape.

Two Flora Plant Boxes, which are ideal for sensory play, as well as making beautiful homes for flowers or veggies, were also included and make perfect matching elements to divide different zones within the space.

All equipment installed is perfect for school playspaces and whether tackled alone or with friends is ideal for young students and also for older students who just want to hang out.

Location: 1572 Main Rd, Research