Gisborne Primary School, Gisborne VIC

The Lappset Motoric Track provides traditional play elements including various climbing obstacles, monkey bars, fireman’s pole, and slides for a broad range of users. The nature of the design allows for a circuit or track that children can traverse around the structure and back to their starting point, without jumping off the equipment – like a play/obstacle course.

Two of the towers are located at a height of 1,970mm and two at 1,470mm. Access to the towers is via curved ladders, up a climbing wall with holes, or up a climbing net. Children can descend the towers using a long slide or a fireman’s pole. One tower can be accessed from the other by balancing on a rung or a suspension bridge, by using the monkey bars, or by climbing across the climbing net. The equipment can accommodate a large number of children, making it perfectly suitable for schoolyards and similar locations. The frame top is made of laminate and pine.

The Motoric Track definitely met the brief from Outlines Landscape Architecture who required a challenging structure that offered a variety of play functions, whilst ensuring the design was different from most traditional school environments.

Location: 35 Fisher Street, Gisborne