Peter Scullin Reserve Playspace, Mordialloc VIC

The Peter Scullin Reserve Playspace has undergone a transformation following extensive community feedback. Drawing inspiration from its idyllic location beside the family-friendly beach the redesign prioritises inclusivity and social interaction for children, youth, and adults of all abilities.

This exciting collaboration with the City of Kingston and Leaf Design goes beyond traditional play equipment, incorporating the innovative and internet-connected MEMO interactive play pillars from our partner YALP. The MEMO has been specifically designed to ensure both electronics and materials withstand their proximity to salt water and exposure to sea air, ensuring lasting functionality and vibrant aesthetics for the life of the installation.

Key features of the MEMO play pillars are:

  • Engaging Activities: Move away from passive screen time with interactive games that promote physical activity, problem-solving, and teamwork. Children collaborate to complete challenges, fostering social skills and creating cherished memories.
  • Inclusive Design: Accessibility is paramount. The games cater to a broad spectrum of abilities, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the fun, regardless of physical limitations, and the posts are specifically designed with wheelchair access in mind.
  • Educational Value: Play with a purpose! Maths, geography or languages, just to name a few. Games subtly incorporate educational elements, transforming playtime into a valuable experience that sparks curiosity, ignites young minds, and promotes playful learning.
  • Community Hub: The interactive posts become a curious focal point, encouraging interaction and fostering a sense of socialisation within the playspace.

Location: Beach Road, Mordialloc