Montario Quarter, Shenton Park WA

Montario Quarter, an urban village in the heart of Shenton Park, symbolises a commitment to multi-generational integration and a design ethos focused on preserving natural elements, heritage, and community well-being. The heart of this space features our partner Lappset’s senior exercise equipment and Memo Digital Play Pillars, fostering inclusivity for all age groups, from children to seniors.

The Memo Play Pillars employ touch-responsive LED lights, music, and audible cues, leveraging Smart City technology to encourage physical activity, socialisation, teamwork, and problem-solving.

The seniors’ exercise unit, comprising 16 varied exercise stations targeting balance, strength, and mobility enhancement, with a design that aligns with playground safety standards.

Through a focus on inclusivity and accessibility, this play environment celebrates our collaboration with DevelopmentWA, Urbis, and Landscape Elements and promotes movement, communication, and social interaction across all age groups. The deliberate arrangement of diverse elements, from interactive internet-connected technology to certified exercise equipment, provides new and engaging ways to play, move, and be mentally active.

Location: Guttman Approach, Shenton Park

Images with thanks: Landscape Elements & Development WA