Palara Village Park, Atherstone VIC

Situated within Melton Shire Council, this large-scale project is a joint effort involving Lend Lease, GbLA, and Bild Group. The Park showcases a wide array of play solutions from Lark Industries, designed to accommodate various ages, styles, and materials. These offerings show off the play capabilities of our partners: Lappset, Percussion Play, and Street Unit.

The park’s design stands out with its distinctive cubic structures, notably featuring an impressive 8-meter tall tower by Lappset, complete with two exciting slides. Catering to younger users, there are two specially designed junior areas, each featuring play panels and a small slide in the iconic Cubic style. The colors of these structures draw inspiration from the native grey box eucalyptus trees found in and around Atherstone. The park has slides of varying heights, suited to the littlest visitors right through to the older daredevils. In addition to traditional rocking, swinging, and sensory experiences, Lappset’s custom ‘ant’ rockers, a play table, and a 4-bay basket swing further enrich the park’s offerings.

A compact fitness area features the Sisu Squat by Lappset, designed for enhancing lower body muscles such as quads and gluteus maximus. Additionally, the area includes the Dip N Fly and a Fitness Box measuring 450 mm in height for medium-height jumps.

Street Unit’s signature skate pieces bring to life the dedicated area for skateboard enthusiasts to practice ollies, grinds, and slides. At the same time, Percussion Play provides an array of musical instruments tailored to even the youngest musicians and talk tubes to encourage endless conversations and interactions among park-goers.

Palara Village Park stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the project partners, offering an inclusive and captivating play experience for all ages.

Location:  Palara Drive, Atherstone Estate, Strathtulloh