Brompton Estate Stage 15, Cranbourne South VIC

Brompton Estate Stage 15 is embracing nature with a unique playground designed in collaboration with Wolfdene and GbLA. The playscape takes inspiration from the classic backyard treehouse, featuring a central tower reminiscent of a child’s imagination. This “One Post” design by our partner Lappset utilises their sympathetic Flora range, which seamlessly integrates with the natural environment.

The tower itself offers a multitude of exciting challenges for children of all ages. A spiral slide provides a thrilling descent, while various access nets lead to the 2.5-meter high platform. Once there, a variety of options await: a fireman’s pole for a quick escape, colourful play panels for younger explorers, a climbing and chillout net for older kids, and finally, a wobbly bridge with a safety barrier as the last test before reaching the ultimate destination – the treehouse itself.

This imaginative design promises endless hours of fun and exploration for the Brompton community.

Location:  Trebecco Street, Cranbourne South