Waterline Park, Brisbane QLD

Positioned on the Brisbane foreshore, Waterline Park has been transformed from an old concrete car park to a bright and accessible inner-city active recreation hub that features landscaped gardens and outdoor exercise equipment to facilitate active leisure and relaxation for workers during the week, as well as family-oriented recreational pursuits on weekends.

The park includes a selection from our Lappset Street Workout and Fitness/Cross Fit outdoor gym equipment range. Street Workout is targeted mainly at bodyweight exercises. Dip bars and Pull-up bars, set to different levels, make it possible to exercise different swing movements, kips and tractions. The Fitness/Cross Fit equipment offers a wide-range of challenging functional training movements utilising Battling Ropes, Back N Abs, Dip Bar, Pull Ups, Monkey Bars, Obstacle Wall, Medicine Ball Throw and Jumper; to name a few.

Location:  between 1 William Street and Mangrove Walk – Brisbane CBD