Variety Inclusive Playground, Batemans Bay NSW

The Eurobodalla Council in partnership with local charity The Bay Push has recently upgraded the existing playground at Corrigans Beach to create an exciting, inclusive playground. The aptly named Variety Inclusive Playground, Batemans Bay is a perfect place for people of all ages and all abilities to enjoy. Inclusive playgrounds and the community facilities that support them are designed to be places where people of all ages, cultures and abilities can socialise and enjoy themselves.

The inclusion of the Lappset Classic 83 and Classic 95 Seniors Exercise equipment into this vibrant inclusive play space promotes active ageing and physical independence by strengthening the motor skills, balance and manual dexterity of the elderly.

These brightly coloured apparatus also double as children’s play equipment encouraging grandchildren to play and engage with their grandparents; together creating and sharing fun and happy experiences and memories.

Location:  Corrigans Beach, Beach Road, Batehaven