University of Queensland, St Lucia QLD

The new designated ‘fun zone’ at University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus has been created in recognition of the knowledge that play is a core ingredient in learning and development.

Underpinned by a solid masterplan by URBIS, UQ embraced the opportunity to incorporate interactive technology into their latest playspace with the inclusion of the fun and educational Yalp Memo Activity Zone.

The Yalp Memo is expertly designed and offers truly exciting educational and physical play all in one interactive play set. All the games aim to challenge children from age 6+ by using their brains and creativity in a fun format.  It includes maths and memory games which train the brain as well as lots of speed and other running games.  It has in-built functionality so new Yalp Memo games (which are constantly being developed) can always be added.  There’s even a MyYalp App to assist with managing the settings, games and statistics of the Yalp Memo.

Location:  St Lucia, QLD