Taylor 2 Residential Estate, Taylor ACT

The new sub-development at Taylor, a suburb in Gungahlin Canberra, boasts bright lime coloured Lappset play equipment to suit children of all ages, in the new playground designed by Tait Network.

The silver Lappset Xroll rotates around a central post moving up and down at the same time and has seats for four.

The challenging Shaker promotes children’s balance whilst swaying from side to side. 

There are two bright green Froggy carousels – each the perfect cosy, ergonomic seat for one.

The marvellous tube tunnel with its huge mouth-like opening is 1090mm long and boasts an inclusive design. The tunnel is made of a high quality plastic with a see-through top section. 

And finally, the ever-popular metallic swing frames with two seats each, ensures that nobody misses out on the fun.

Location:  Corner Robin Boyd Crescent and Trevor Gibson Way, Taylor