Angela’s Park, Rosenthal Estate, Sunbury VIC

This new playspace at Rosenthal Estate is a combined offering from our partners Spiel-Bau and Lappset.  In our collaboration with GBLA no timber products were to be used in the construction of the play equipment. Together with Spiel-Bau we designed a custom tower from the Mikado range constructed from 304 stainless steel and a special product called Trimax. Trimax is a composite material made from glass fibre and recycled plastic. It is fire retardant and extremely durable. Trimax is the perfect material when timber is not an option. To complement the custom tower is a custom matching stainless steel double swing frame and a four-way stainless steel spring rocker from Spiel-Bau and large four person spinner from Lappset.  A fantastic project showcasing the stainless steel finish available from Spiel-Bau and a great overall offer of varied play value.

Location: Longtan Avenue, Sunbury