Pelican Waters Central Park, Caloundra QLD

Pelican Water’s brand new Central Park is situated right next door to the world-class marina, shopping centre and dining hub on the beautiful sunshine coast.

The park boasts a 2 hectare precinct which caters for sports such as basketball, netball, soccer, football, bocce and Parkour.

The parkour sports park, as it is affectionately known, is in keeping with Pelican Water’s philosophy of creating active spaces for all age groups in the community.

The equipment is designed to unleash the inner Parkour Warrior in all of us and promote creative movement including climbing, jumping, swinging, balancing and vaulting. The course includes state-of-the-art climbing frames, balance rails, platforms and walls. It’s definitely motivation for teenagers to put down electronic devices and engage in some exciting and challenging fun, outdoors.

Lappset’s Cloxx Parkour circuit delivers the perfect durable, hard-wearing equipment capable of providing a valuable park addition for many years to come

There are also QR Codes provided on the accompanying parkour signage that plays instructional youtube videos on how to warm up and how to use each piece of equipment.

Location: Spitfire Banks Drive, Pelican Waters