Mindarie Park, Lane Cove North NSW

Mindarie Park is one of the first inclusive playspaces designed by Lane Cove Council as part of the NSW Government’s Everyone Can Play program – and everyone really can play, especially with the Lappset Classic 90 Seniors multi-generational exercise unit.

The equipment offers an exercise routine that focuses on movement, flexibility, coordination, and dexterity as well as the traditional strength, resistance and cardio training. The Classic 90 is also certified to playground safety standards, and acts as play equipment too; allowing grandparents and grandchildren to participate and engage together!

The playspace aligns with the Everyone Can Play in NSW guidelines to cater for all people, including disabled and able-bodied children and their Carers. The guidelines encourage best practice in inclusive play space design and provide opportunities for everyone to come together and play. With a budget of $4 million, Mindarie Park is not short on impressive features and facilities

Location:  18A Mindarie Street, Lane Cove North