The Parkway – Mernda Rail Level Crossing Removal Project

The Mernda Level Crossing project is an excellent example of the breadth of the Lappset range. Across the 3 level crossing locations are examples of Lappset’s Fitness, Senior Sport, Wall Bouldering (Rock Climbing) and Flora (Nature Play) Range. Between Hawkstowe and Mernda stations, The Parkway community space offers a nature themed play space in the surrounds of a far more urban environment. Situated under the new overhead railway, the ever popular nature play activity tower (Goblin’s Forest) provides balancing, climbing and slides in a unique and natural appearance. The site further incorporates a matching double swing frame, from the same Flora Nature range. The swing includes a bench seat and toddler seat to suit children of all ages.

Location: The Parkway, off Plenty Road, South Morang