Footscray Park, Footscray VIC

Footscray Park includes the world’s first installation of the Robin Hood Treehouse.  The tower is a large custom unit and an evolution of the existing and popular Flora Nature Play range from Lappset.

It features a signature ‘one post’ design which provides an interesting and varied appearance and provides a true treehouse feel. The treehouse is comprised of various challenging balancing and climbing elements coupled with a large main tower with an iconic green leaf roof.

There is also a large customised stainless steel slide from our German partners Spiel-Bau.

The Lappset Flora range is made of Northern pine and shaped to resemble the natural forms of nature and forests. Flora playground equipment is durable, cost effective, safe and blends with nature.

An exciting design in collaboration with Ric McConaghy Pty Ltd & Justin Staggard Pty Ltd – the Robin Hood Treehouse is a featured attraction to complement the stunning location against the Maribyrnong River.

Location: Maribyrnong Boulevard, Footscray