Bell Moreland Level Crossing Removal, Coburg VIC

The level crossings at Bell Street, Munro Street and Reynard Street in Coburg, and Moreland Road in Brunswick have been removed by raising the rail line over the road.  And new stations have also been built at Coburg and Moreland with 2.5km of open space created under the elevated rail line.  Raising the rail line has created the opportunity to access new public open space below the rail line and around the station precincts.  In fact, more than two MCG’s worth of community open space has been created with playgrounds and exercise spaces suitable for all ages and abilities.

In a collaboration with Tract Consultants, a large custom Lappset Dash Parkour circuit and two outdoor Tennis tables have been installed along the walking and cycle path, on the city side of Moreland Station.

People walking or cycling between Moreland and Coburg stations will come across another outdoor tennis table sitting aside a small fitness node encompassing a back n abs workout and flying rings for sit-ups/pull-ups.  Further along under the rail line is a large Sisu Fitness frame that offers challenges to both beginners and more advanced users, as the versatile equipment allows for variations of users’ exercise routines.

A single mast Net Climber is located in the playground.  This pyramid-style climbing structure is made of steel-loaded polyamine cables with UV guards.  A steel-sire core is used in the edge ropes to ensure a longer life span for the climber and maximum safety for the children.

Location:  Moreland Station to Coburg Station, under the rail line.