Bailey Reserve Fitness Station, Bentleigh East VIC

Glen Eira Council has unveiled a brand new, inclusive fitness space designed with traditional weight training principles in mind. Replacing two outdated fitness pods, the new space boasts modern, accessible equipment thanks to a collaborative effort between the Council, Victorian Government, and Leaf Design Studio.

Council gathered feedback from residents on desired equipment, design preferences, and potential usage. This input directly informed the selection of two pieces from our partner Lappset’s Sisu range, providing weight-adjustable equipment, with incremental weight ranges. This equipment would not be out of place in an indoor commercial gym however, has the added benefit of being designed for outdoor use.

The accessible press is an inclusive variation of the overhead press exercise and can be used in both a standing position or by those in wheelchairs and is suitable for developing the shoulder and triceps muscles. The lateral row equipment develops the back muscles, rear deltoids, and biceps. Both machines offer easy weight adjustments – 10-100kg for press and 15-100kg for row.

This investment in accessibility promises to encourage physical activity and community engagement among residents, ultimately contributing to their overall health and wellbeing.

Location: 178 E Boundary Road, Bentleigh East