Apex Park Parkour Park, Wangaratta VIC

The collaborative effort between the Rural City of Wangaratta, the Victorian Government, and Justin Staggard Landscape Architect, at Apex Park Parkour Park offers a unique opportunity for parkour enthusiasts of all ages and abilities.  This regional gem boasts Lappset’s innovative Dash Parkour range, designed for safe and challenging training. Three distinct zones – junior, intermediate, and advanced – cater to all skill levels, from beginners honing their craft to seasoned traceurs pushing their limits. This inclusivity fosters a welcoming space for the local community and regional parkour users to train and connect in nature.

The parkour experience goes beyond equipment. The Wangaratta City Council’s Youth Service Team actively supports its use with regular training and competitions, fostering a vibrant parkour community. Schools, service groups, and recreational organisations are also encouraged to schedule time to utilise the parkour course.

Accessibility is a priority. The meticulously crafted Dash Parkour equipment caters to all skill levels. The Street Workout section offers additional challenges with familiar elements like monkey bars and dip bars. A vertical bars allows for squats and human flag movements, while pull-up bars at various heights enable diverse training.

Apex Park is a comprehensive space promoting physical activity and social interaction for the entire community.

Location: Clements Street, Wangaratta