Gold Processing Plant

This exciting play concept was developed for a regional location that has a rich and storied past in gold mining.

The design brief was for the play equipment to reference this and to give the children an understanding of how valuable gold has been in establishing the city and how it plays a pivotal role going forward

There are continuous play references to a gold processing plant where the children enter the hopper as raw gold ore, travel through to the processing tanks, and then emerge as a finished gold bar.

The enclosed play area aims to offer a large amount of play value for children of all ages and abilities, and the viewing platform at the top of the silo allows for sweeping views across the city to the outback beyond.

The overall design for the playspace also pays tribute to other aspects of the city such as the large open-cut mine with tunnels as well as a double flying fox that mimics the large cranes used to move the gold ore.